About Me


Thanks for visiting and being interested in what I am doing.

I am happily married, father of one daughter.

Graduated with B.S. from Kaplan University, Summa Cum Laude, President’s / Dean’s List.

Attended BCCC, 4.0 GPA, Distinguished Scholar.

Member of: Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Beta Kappa, and Golden Key Honor Societies

Served in the USMC for 4 years as a FAST Co. member, Sergeant.

Baltimore Police Department, Patrol, Violent Crime Impact Division, Personnel

Level II Crash Reconstructionist

150+ hours of narcotics training

I developed of love of writing when I started working on promotional / leadership guide for police. I am trying to do my part to enhance policing at every level. I write about what I see and what I hope to improve. I am passionate about police leadership and have found that everything the police are taught is highly theoretical and has little to no practicality for the actual police officers and supervisors.

The big project for the future is a complete reference of practical application of law enforcement concepts for police supervisors. Instead of scholars writing vaguely about the results of some study; I will demonstrate how the things we have learned actually are applied on the street to enhance public safety.

The writing of the promotional guides spawned me into writing “Eliot”, a fiction novel, in which I intertwined my real life experiences in the Baltimore Police Department with fantasy and created what I hope will be something people appreciate and I can spin off into a prequel and sequel.

In the process of trying to get “Eliot” known to people, I came across the world of book reviewing. It is hard to get your book reviewed and is a time consuming endeavor. So, I decided I would help out what other authors I could by giving reviews.

So, here we are. If you get your book praised by me, I guarantee that it is a great book. My standard will be tough, but its praise will be something to be proud of.

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