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REVIEW! End of Watch

Posted: September 24, 2012 in 5 star, Adult

End of Watch

5 out of 5 stars

I watched some of the publicity appearances that Jake Gyllenhaal made to hype up End of Watch and he spoke about how he went on ride-a-longs for a long time and bonded with his co-star, Michael Pena, in order to create a true friendship.  I have to say that they truly pulled it off, with perfection. Being a real police in Baltimore, I have longed for a movie that acurrately portrayed police officer, which was one of the reasons that I wrote Eliot, because book and movie portrayl of police is usually so far off base. Not this time.

They way they interact and talk to one another is spot on. Of course the drama of the situation that they find themselves in is a stretch, to create the drama, but the best parts of the movie were the interaction between the officers and the impact this has on their families. Very little discussion of police officers reflects what really goes on with police. We try to get through our day and end up with police as our only friends, not because we are arrongant police, rather because they become the only ones that understand the world that we live in. I truly hope that this movie will help people better understand that police officers are your neighbors and regular people that are placed in an impossible position, with their worst enemy being the department itself, which is addressed in the movie. Absolutely excellent!