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What defines justified transgressions? No two people will agree on what is acceptable, moral, right, wrong, deserving, heroic, or criminal in Eliot and that is what pushes us to truly look inside our own souls. Do you see the actions of the vigilante killer set on revenge, the drug dealer just trying to survive, or the cop trying to preserve his legacy as justified, or is it all just excuses to mask our own hidden understanding that very little separates sanity and psychosis?

The formulation of Eliot has been in my mind for the last thirteen years. I have always loved police stories, revenge stories, as well as the cat and mouse of thrillers. One distracting element that I have found after four years in the Marine Corps and nine years as a Baltimore Police Officer, is that most crime novels are filled with impossibilities and what people think police are like, but really are not. It became my mission to create a story that feels real and contains characters with depth. I interlaced my real police experiences into Eliot leaving no doubt to the authenticity.
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Order Paperback, Paperback (Large Print), and Kindle E-Book from AmazonFor those of you out there aspiring to become law enforcement, police supervisors, or any other professional law enforcement, I am also a writer for the Police Leadership Association, which has incredible resources for law enforcement. Visit their site by clicking the logo or link.

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